Hard Drivin' Sega Genesis Review The No Swear Gamer Ep 723

Today’s Sega Genesis review covers Hard Drivin’ by Tengen, based on the Atari Games arcade title. Recorded from actual hardware.

GAMES I AM PLAYING 2 – Happy Console Gamer

Johnny talks about video games he has been playing on Nintedno Switch Playstation 1 and 2. Like the show? Support

Walking Across The Entire Universe!

Download UNO! Mobile by Mattel163 to join the championship and get 200 free coins right here:

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Sega #Genesis #Sonic There are loads of awesome games for the Sega Genesis, so if you’re thinking of heading back

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PlayForever #SEGA #GLOC Vic jumps into the cockpit of G-LOC: Air Battle to see how long he can survive! Check

George Lucas ROASTS Disney Star Wars and DESTROYS The Lucasfilm Narrative

This week in Disney Star Wars Schadenfreude. George Lucas DESTROYS Disney Star Wars and separates himself from The Sequel (Disney)

Minecraft: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! (Bedrock DLC Mashup Pack!)

I check out the brand new DLC for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Sonic the Hedgehog! Join this channel to get access

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The Super Nt is FINALLY here! Am I as excited about it now as it was when it was announced?

Castlevania 64 Do-Over Stream! Starting over on Normal. – Erin Plays Extras

Hey guys, I wasn’t going to post this but I figured it was needed for context. As explained in the

Iron Meat Demo, Squirrel Sphere, Touhou Wily Beast – Mike Matei Live

Playing some stuff off steam. The demo for Iron Meat, an upcoming Contra style game. Squirrel Sphere, a monkey