Chief Hawkain’s Mission Accomplished! – Mage’s Initiation #Shorts

#MagesInitiation #AdventureGame #Flytarians D’arc completes his mission, and returns to report to Chief Hawkain of the Flytarians. WARNING: This YouTube video is not

Bubble Bobble NES Livestream

Playing some Bubble Bobble on my NES Classic. NSG: Videos for anyone who enjoys video games & toys from the 70’s,

Top 20 AVGN Moments 2021

2021 wrapped up with our 200th Angry Video Game Nerd episode, so here are our top 20 AVGN moments this

every fitness celebrity influencer is lying to you..

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D’arc VS The Elemental Wraiths – Part 2 – Mages Initiation #Shorts

#MagesInitiation #AdventureGame #Wraith Three Elemental Wraiths: Water, Air, and Earth attack D’arc in the Mountain Cave! Original Videos: D’arc Leaves The Cave To Stock

Pat Plays Intellivision Amico Game!

Thoughts on an Intellivision Amico game Pat played as well as a look at the Amico UI. ➡Support us and get

How To Make Portals in Minecraft

How to make nether portals and end portals. Follow me on Twitter: Email us at

AVGN: Bible Games – Episode 17 REACTION!!! (BBT)

Request Link: BBT T-SHIRTS & OTHER MERCH HERE: Original …

The Matrix Resurrections Underperforms! – Hack The Movies

Joe and Tony hack into The Matrix Resurrections to see if it lives up to the hype or not. Spoilers:

Most of My Game Consoles In One Minute #shorts

#shorts This is just a stupid YouTube short I made showing my game consoles. I have others like PS3, Ouya and