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Gina Carano STRIKES BACK! Friday Night Tights with Keri Smith

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Disney is DOWN | MCU Banned | LOTR is Doomed | Friday Night Tights with Just Some Guy

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Disney Star Wars Disaster Part 6 | Friday Night Tights and Inquisition Q and A

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Disney Bends the Knee | Eternals BANNED in China? Venture Bros. LIVES! John Barrowman CANCELLED?

Disney has bent the knee and apparently cancelled their new train indoctrination. Shang-Chi and the Eternals both may be banned

Marvel BANNED in China! Epic Disney FAILURE

Looks like the Eternals and Shang-Chi may be banned in China. Both films have received backlash for two very different

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Review | Episodes 10 – FINALE

Die Hard Space Jesus goes on adventures and succeeds. Tilly becomes captain. Sound in space! TV Commercial actors team up

Golden Globes CANCELLED | Gina Carano EMMY | Disney is a DISASTER

Welcome to the show! Today we will discuss The golden Globes getting cancelled for 2022, the reason is hilarious and

MARVEL's newest Captain America looks familiar…

Marvel reveals Native American Kickapoo tribesman as Third new Captain America. This is a clip from “Friday Night Tights” which

Freddie Prinze Jr. is DUMB | Featuring Dan Vasc

Yet another Lucasfilm employee treating Star Wars fans like garbage. This is a clip from “Friday Night Tights” which aired