Video Games Oasis Playful Podcast SEASON 02: EPISODE 02 – TEXT ADVENTURE TUESDAY – Escaping The Sperm Whale’s Stomach with The Bowl of Petunias.

In this episode, we help Arthur escape the stomach of the Sperm Whale, with The Bowl of Petunias, AS WELL AS, ALL his Inventory! Find out how he does it!…

Minecraft Combat Handbook Reading – with Jeremy – WITHER

#Minecraft​ #EgmontBooks​ #Wither​ I’m reading: The Minecraft Combat Handbook: Pages 30, 31 Minecraft Handbook 3: The Combat Handbook Hardcover – April 10 2014 by Mojang (Author):

Godzilla VS Kong Fan Theories – Castzilla VS The Pod Monster

Tony and Johanna asked the internet for their theories on what will happen in Godzilla VS Kong. The fans did not disappoint…

Top 20 Turtle Flubs! – Cinemassacre Plays

Cinemassacre’s Top 20 Turtle Flubs! This is an old video from our TMNT Tuesdays series! It is all about the craziest animation mistakes from the original Ninja Turtles 80’s cartoon!

Playing MORE of my Kid’s Mario Maker 2 Levels – Cinemassacre

Get 20% Off on all orders use Coupon code “VideoGamersOasis” Try 5 pairs of glasses at home for free at​. And thanks to Warby Parker for sponsoring this video.…

Ninja Gaiden 3 (NES) NO DEATH – Mike Matei Live

No Death playthrough of Ninja Gaiden 3 (US Version) for NES by Mike Matei Have a game you’d like to see me stream? Leave a comment below! Follow Mike Matei…

Video Games Oasis Playful Podcast 1: SEASON 02: EPISODE 01 – TEXT ADVENTURE TUESDAY – Inside The Sperm Whale

Continuing our exciting Text Adventure Game, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Inside The Sperm Whale — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

SECRETS, CODES, & INTEL | Super Mario Bros. Declassified NES – NESComplex

Nearly 50 unique Secrets, Codes, Glitches, Development Stories, and Forgotten Lore about one of the most influential and beloved games of all time: Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment…

More MAJOR Nintendo Switch News Has Surfaced – ReviewTechUSA

Nintendo Switch Pro RELEASE DATE: Record-breaking console launching sooner than expected. Let’s discuss.

Video Games Oasis Playful Podcast 21: EPISODE 21 – TEXT ADVENTURE TUESDAY – Random Scenario RE-CAP and Heart of Gold Tech Tinkering

SEASON 1 COMPLETE: After reviewing the various random scenerios through The Spare Improbability Drive and Tinkering with the Tech aboard The Heart of Gold, Arthur Dent and the Crew of…