Godzilla Destruction and Listener Voicemails – Castzilla VS The Pod Monster

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Godzilla Vs Kong – Trailer Reaction

Breakdown video coming soon!

Notzilla Movie Review

Godzilla Singular Point Episode 5 Review – Castzilla VS The Pod Monster

Back from another hiatus! With the Showa Era done we are now returning to the Godzilla Singular Point Anime. Are

Jaws is Great! – Talking About Tapes

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Why Hedorah Deserves A Cinematic Comeback

Yoshimitsu Banno’s “Smog Monster”, Hedorah, has been absent from the cinematic scene for a while – and a very long

Our Kong Skull Island commentary track is now on Patreon.

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Unboxing Godzilla 1998 Toy Carrying Case

Bought this carrying case off of eBay to go along with my increasing Godzilla 98 collection! #godzilla #zilla #castzillavsthepodmonster.

Our Godzilla 2014 commentary track is now on Patreon

Go to Patreon.com/hackthemovies for our Godzilla 2014 commentary track! We had fun revisiting the movie that kicked off the Monsterverse

Mothra VS Godzilla – Castzilla VS The Pod Monster

Tony and Johanna watched the first epic meeting of these two titans! Will it be a let down like the