More Friday the 13th Sequel Talk – re:View

Jay could babble on about this dumb franchise for hours, so here’s a bit more about some of the other

Wonder Woman 1984 is a DISASTER and a WASTE of Time

Wonder Woman 1984 sets superhero filmmaking back to 1984. A giant mess with too many ideas, too many villains, and

Sonic Mania (Switch) Part 1 – Cinemassacre Plays

First time ever playing Sonic Mania for Switch! I’m not very good at Sonic, but this is a really fun

Godzilla 2014 4K Blu-ray and Godzilla VS Kong Debate – Castzilla VS The Pod Monster

Tony and Johanna took a look at the 4k UHD transfer of Godzilla (2014) and compared it to the original.

Disney Star Wars LEAKS | Winds of Winter DELAY | Jon Cleese ROASTS PC Culture

Welcome to the show. Today we will discuss those Disney Star Wars leaks, because leaks is all Lucasfilm has at

Best of the Worst: Shock Em Dead, Hollow Gate, and The Satan Killer

Boooooo! It’s that time of year again! The time where the Best of the Worst gang drinks a lot of

James and Mike's first Game Related video together made before AVGN (by Mike Matei)

Here’s something some of you may find interesting which pre-dates the first Nerd video. Back in college in 2002, Mike

King Kong Escapes – Castzilla vs the Pod Monster

New episode of Castzilla VS The Pod Monster! King Kong (who looks nothing like me) is back and he’s ready

Rich and Mike’s Second TNG Top Ten Video part 2 (of 2) – re:View

I’ve gone cross-eyed! Heaven’s Gate! My word! Why let’s just call this “Rich and Mike talk some more about TNG

RIP Doctor Who | Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Was Destined to FAIL

The Timeless Children was The Last Jedi of Doctor Who, only worse. It has been just over a year since