Mage’s Initiation – Walkthrough (Chosen by Water) Introduction

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This is a compilation of videos I made from 2020 to 2021.

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Watch me play the role of D’arc, a Mage in training, and become chosen by the Element of Water!

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“D’arc is a sixteen-year-old Mage to be. A sinister plot threatens his initiation and risks plunging the land of Iginor into conflict and chaos. Choose from four classes and train in the Elemental arts. Master a unique range of spells to solve puzzles, battle monsters, and confront the ultimate evil.”

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00:00 Introduction
05:50 D’arc enters The Mage’s Tower
07:10 The Reading Room
15:41 D’arc meets The High Masters
31:33 D’arc speaks with Kray

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