Should Nintendo Make a *New* NES Console??

Should Nintendo produce a new NES console and games for consumers? Alex and Pat discuss/debate this! ➡Support us and get goodies:

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I Wrote A Book!!

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Is A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES) Just Like The Movies?

Freddy’s back and so is my show “Just Like The Movie?” For this reboot I decided to cover the Nightmare

Returnal (PS5) End of the game – Mike Matei Live

I finished Returnal for PS5. Here is Biomes 5 and 6. And I tried out a little of the endless

Best NES Games According to Book – #CUPodcast Voice Messages #93

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Crazy Animated Scenes – Cinemassacre

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Starlight MARIO Underworld (NES hack) Mike Matei Live

I played Starlight Mario Underworld a new NES hack from 2022 and it’s a really good one! Follow Mike Matei

You’ve probably NEVER seen a Nintendo 64 Cartridge like this

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Super Mario Bros 3 Rainbow Realms 2 (NES Hack) Mike Matei Live

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