Playing MORE of my Kid’s Mario Maker 2 Levels – Cinemassacre

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Angry Video Game Nerd – Season 14 (AVGN Full Season Fourteen) – Cinemassacre

This is the entire fourteenth season of the Angry Video Game Nerd compiled into one single video for your viewing convenience! Here’s the AVGN Season 14 episode list: Raid 2020…

Playing My 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Mario Maker 2 Levels – Cinemassacre

My daughters and I have been playing a ton of Mario Maker 2 lately.

Dinosaurs TV Show Review: One of the Best ’90s Sitcoms – Cinemassacre

The Dinosaurs TV show is now on Disney Plus, so it's a solid time to check out the full series. In this review, James checks out one of his favorite show's from the 90s.

Dragon Quest’s Timeline – Chronologically Confused – Cinemassacre

“Dragon Quest is the longest running Japanese RPG ever. There’s 11 games in the franchise and a ton of spin-offs and remakes. You would think it would be simple to…