Mega Man V (Game Boy) Mike Matei Live

My first time playing Mega Man V on Game Boy! Awesome game! Follow Mike Matei on Twitch …

How To Defeat Ganon and Rescue Zelda (T.L.O.Z. NES) #shorts

#thelegendofzelda #ganon #zelda Final Boss Fight: Link defeats the final boss, Ganon and rescues Princess Zelda. The Legend of Zelda (NES) 1st Quest.

Gradius V (PlayStation 2) Review by Mike Matei #PS2 #Retro #MikeMatei

Gradius V review by Mike Matei. Read more about Gradius V on Mike’s Blog!

Dragon's Lair (NES) Full Playthrough #MikeMatei #Retro

I had to practice Dragon’s Lair for several days before I was able to make it through all the levels.

How To Find The Magical (Lion) Key #shorts

#thelegendofzelda #lion #keyboard How to find the Magical (Lion) Key in The Legend of Zelda (NES) First Quest.

AVGN Uses Resident Evil’s Inventory in REAL LIFE

How would Resident Evil’s inventory work in real life? From AVGN 160! LINK – Get Cinemassacre shirts, games,

How To Find The Magic Wand #shorts

#nes #thelegendofzelda #magicwand How to find the magic wand in The Legend of Zelda (NES).

Sega Master System A-Z (Part 1) Mike Matei Live

Trying to play through all the Sega Master System games! I got up to the Letter M here. Playing Sega

AVGN Gets Tips from A NINJA!

Before you leap, you must look!! From AVGN 87! LINK – Get Cinemassacre shirts, games, and Blu-rays on

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Sega Master System Games) Mike Matei Live

For a long time I wanted to play through Alex Kidd in Miracle World more in depth. I have a