“Release The Kraken!” — Abandon Ship Full Release (with embargo details) — Fireblade Software



The Game: There are 5 campaigns available:

  • Main Story, where you battle a Lovecraftian Cult
  • Freeplay, explore however you wish, with a long-term goal of rebuilding a pirate base
  • Sword of the Cult, a 3 hour campaign where you play as the Cult and control a Kraken
  • Haunted Seas, a 2 hour campaign with ghost ships and light puzzles
  • Combat Campaign, a 45 minute series of increasingly tough battles with limited port visits

If you play the main story or Freeplay, there is a large open world to explore. Every map has at least one unique island and event, but there are some major quests and secret weapons that are worth heading to – I’ve attached an image that shows the location of some of these.

There are multiple quick-starts that place you at various points of the main story. If you wish to skip the opening section/tutorial, choose “After Intro”. If you wish to jump to where the main story unlocks the whole world, choose “Act 2 Start”. The latter two quick-starts also include screens where you can set up a more powerful vessel.

Embargo: This lifts to coincide with the launch of the game to maximise our impact at release, so is very important that you respect it.

The embargo is lifted at the date and time shown in this link:

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