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GOT GAME Sports is hosting 2 E-Sport Tournaments at Victoria Park on back-to-back weekends!

Hey guys, GOT GAME Sports is hosting 2 E-Sport Tournaments at Victoria Park on back-to-back weekends!

This weekend- May 18 & 19 and on May 25 & 26.


Over $1,000 in prizing



Victoria Park, London, ON

WE GOT GAME! is our official esports partner and they will be providing a professional esports experience.

May 18/19

  • Fortnite & NHL 19
  • Drop In play available all day
  • Tournament times: May 18 at 6pm, May 19 at 10am & 2pm

May 25

  • Fortnite & NBA 2K
  • Drop In play available all day
  • Tournament time: 6pm

May 26

  • Drop In play available all day
  • Tournament time: 10am
  • London Fortnite, NHL 19 & NBA 2K Championships event time: 2pm


 All information and Registration can be found at http://gotgamesports.ca/page.php?page_id=116697

You can register as just a drop-in format or in tournament play.

The park will also be packed with other events that will happen both weekends:

Poutine Festival

  • Kid’s Zone
  • Hockey & Basketball Skills zone(on their respected weekends)
  • other vendors & food

This is in conjunction with our street tournaments. We have our street hockey tournament on May 18 & 19 and the following week, on May 25 & 26 we host our street basketball tournament.


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