An escape game is a perfect team building activity. Not only because of the novelty and fun of the experience, but because it favors the capacity for improvement, imagination and lateral thinking.

The lateral thinking is a method that can be used as a technique for solving problems imaginatively. That is, it approaches the problem indirectly and creatively. For this reason in companies it is highly valued that their employees are able to put it into practice. And for that reason, a team building in an escape room is a good way to practice it.

There are many riddles , more typical of oriental cultures, solved with this technique. To develop lateral thinking it is necessary to learn to analyze problems from different points of view. The Fox in a Box Escape Room Orange County wants you to start your lateral thinking with its live escape games, in which you will have to solve an enigma and escape from a closed room in 60 minutes. In addition, through the Escape Room Orange County teams that participate in the team building of the company will be able to compete with each other and demonstrate which one has more capacity to start the lateral thinking.

The days of team building have positioned themselves as one of the most effective techniques to strengthen teams and increase their productivity , not only in the workplace, but also educational, social, and any where there is a group of people who must work together whatever its cause or objective.

But why is team building so fashionable and why does it work so well? Fox in a Box Escape Room Orange County have made a report that points out that they are activities directed by people specialized in team building and are held in settings unrelated to the workplace. During their development they try to solve problems maximizing the resources and improving the effectiveness and coordination of the team. In short, it is used to strengthen social ties that contribute to improving the company’s results. Basically, if we are happy and work in harmony with our colleagues and bosses, we will be more productive and we will work much better.

The Fox in a Box Escape Room Orange County has bet from its beginnings to offer companies and organizations an alternative and original team building activity , which clearly fosters team spirit: live escape games. More and more companies trust us to organize this type of activity and leave our premises very satisfied with the treatment received and how well they have spent it.

The benefits of a well-organized team building are innumerable, but we tell you some of the ones mentioned in this report:

  • Motivate participants in daily work commitments
  • Improve ideas and decision making
  • Produce higher quality results
  • It requires an involvement of the entire team in the process
  • Increase the strength and commitment of employees
  • High probability of implementation of new ideas
  • Increase understanding of others’ perspectives
  • Increase the ability to show individual strengths
  • Ability to compensate for individual weaknesses
  • Provide a sense of security
  • Develop interpersonal relationships
  • Increases stress resistance
  • Stimulates confidence and enhances the spirit of teamwork
  • Promotes communication and integration between areas and members of an organization

Tips For Good Teamwork

The companies that come to our escape room to celebrate a team building day  know the importance for productivity and good progress of the company to have a united team that works well. Carrying out an activity as a live escape game has many benefits that can be seen from the start: it fosters camaraderie, communication at work and team spirit.

In our challenges for companies, we put into practice the tips that we offer below, to get a good team work: communicate, delegate, have common goals and respect.

Reserve your team building game and your team and your company will have fun and come out reinforced.

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