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107 Diablo Facts:

  1. Diablo was developed by Blizzard north formerly
    an independent company known as Condor which was formed
    by Mac Schafer ERich Schafer and David Brevik in
  2. Condor co-founder David Brevik came up for the
    idea for Diablo while in high school in those early
    days Brevik was already planning out his career in the
    video game industry with ideas inspired by games such
    as rogue and nethack.
  3. Brevik actually grew up near Mount Diablo in California
    when he learned the name of the mountain he immediately wanted
    to use it somehow little did he know at the time that his
    idea would spawn a massive video game franchise.
  4. Shortly after starting Condor the company was hired
    to work on a licensed titled Justice League Task Force
    for the Sega Genesis while at the Consumer Electronic
    Show Brevik noticed another developer was also showing
    their version of the same game but for the Super Nintendo
    that developer was called silicon & synapse the company
    that would eventually become Blizzard Entertainment.
  5. Before work on the game even started and before even Blizzard
    had bough out Condor Brevik had created a design document for
  6. Brevik said that they pitched Diablo to many people but they all
    said RPGs are dead then came along Blizzard who had just
    released their smash hit Warcraft listening to what rebek
    had in mind for diablo blizzard decided to publish it.
  7. Diablo was originally described as a single player DOS game.
  8. Before developers settled on the hack and slash style combat system
    the Habla was originally planned to be turn-based fights which would
    be familiar to players of many RPGs.
  9. The team also had an idea for expansions which they described as Magic
    the Gathering booster packs so basically it sounds like they were
    conceptualizing DLC long before it became as prevalent as it is today.
  10. the original idea also featured a claymation art style found in games
    like clay fighter the Neverhood and Primal Rage, but upon realizing
    how time-consuming and expensive it was they decided to go with
    3D Computer-Generated graphics this above anything else is surefire proof
    that this game was developed in the 90s.

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