Godzilla (NES) Mike Matei Live

Full playthrough of Godzilla for NES!

Why The Hobbit Sucks – The Critical Drinker

“The Hobbit trilogy is one of the most disappointing things since… well, most of modern entertainment. And I think it’s about time I explained why these movies are so terrible.”

PS5 vs Xbox: Real People Decide – Cinemassacre

“The new console generation is here! The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are the powerhouse systems from Sony and Microsoft. Today, we gathered 7 of our friends to see which system they would rather own. Who will win?! They compared the system’s design, graphics, controllers, launch titles, and several other factors.”

What Happens to Retro Games After Pandemic? – Pat the NES Punk

“What happens to the current influx of retro gamers and their collections after the pandemic ends?”

Best of the Worst: Plinketto #9

“After over a year-long hiatus, the Plinketto board is back to bore and disappoint as always! This time, the gang lands on a different genre for every drop of the ball. It’s a Christmas miracle!!!”

How To Build An Anvil (IN MINECRAFT) – Video Gamers Oasis

How To Build An Anvil (IN MINECRAFT)

“These are the Top 10 MOST DISAPPOINTING GAMES OF 2020! And there were a ton!”

Cyberpunk Playthrough by PewDiePie

I Found An Igloo In Minecraft (Life changing) – PewDiePie

“Igloo in minecraft bros wow.”

CYBERPUNK 2077 – The Rageaholic

“When the least broken thing about your game is the glitches.”