Lag Test Astrosmash vs Space Invaders ($250 Intellivision Amico vs $15 Atgames Blast)

Today I do a lag test comparing a 2018 $15 wireless plug n play to the yet-to-be-released $250 Intellivision Amico.

N64 Polymega Module Announced

An N64 game module was announced for the Polymega emulation retro gaming console, but how accurate will it end up

Blaster Master Zero Switch Live Stream – Cinemassacre Plays

Ryan continues his playthrough of Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch! Follow Ryan on twitter:

Godzilla: Singular Point (Netflix Anime) Ep. 11 review

Godzilla Singular Point kicks off the apocalypse. Trixie was first told about this series in this video from Godzilla podcast

Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City is Fun and Fine – Hack The Movies

Tony and Kieran sit and talk about the new Resident Evil film reboot. In this movie review/podcast of Resident Evil

Back and forth, back and forth! Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Stream Part 4 – Erin Plays Extras

Okay, so now the game is kicking my butt a bit, but it wouldn’t be Castlevania if it didn’t! This

Backwards Messages in AVGN Super Mario Bros 3 & the American Males WCW Theme

From this episode of the Cinemassacre Podcast: James talks about backwards messages that made their way into the


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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Patch Fixes Over 100 Bugs

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Game Theory: The Disturbing Lore of Merge Mansion

Get your new SPOOKY Theory Wear! ► Theorists, mobile games are at it again! First we covered