Chess in 30 Minutes – Miniseries: 026 │Game 7: FALKBEER COUNTER GAMBET #chess

#falkbeer #gambet

And there you have it!

I’m Jeremy, and

This was my Podcast Mini-Series.


Study and Practical Application.

Thanks so much for loyally watching these episodes.
I trust you found them helpful whether learning Chess for the first time,
or gaining new, clever sharp techniques:

Like Falkbeer’s Gambet.

I would also like to thank Camtasia Studio, the very versatile Video Editing Software
that I used to create this video podcast.


I used The Voicemod PC app to clarify and noise-reduce my microphone sound.

I’ll provide some links to these and other helpful software that has aided me in making
videos of gradually better and better quality.

You may or may not have noticed that for most of my later episodes in this series,
I incorporated a Digital version of this book.

Available to read online for free on:


If you have not already make sure to see all my earlier episodes of this Podcast, write helpful
notes and put into practice the Chess instructions in this book.

I’m going to now take a need rest for the remainder of the Summer and will return
in the Fall with some new creative and entertaining video ideas.

In the meantime, I will include more shorts and edited classic gaming let’s plays that I’ve started again.

Thanks so much for watching and learning,
and enjoy your game of Chess, with yourself and with your associates, friends, and family in the future.

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