ENDING | Dead Space Remake – Part 4

Dead Space Remake is over already but what a ride it was while it lasted Cloak Dead Space: rel=”nofollow”> Buy MY coffee: Edited By: Dead Space is a…

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E3 is set to take place this year with an in person event but a new report claims it could

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A few years back James reviewed a ton of Ghostbusters related video games for his three part AVGN special. In

Dead Space Remake – Part 2

Horrors everywhere but Isaac is a beast in this Dead Space Remake gameplay Cloak Dead Space: Buy MY

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At long last a game that we’ve been waiting to hear about is coming to Nintendo Switch Online and it’s

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James Rolfe and Mike Matei have a casual discussion about Retro game controllers! NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and more!

Dead Space Remake – Part 3

Dead Space Remake continues to blow me away with how amazing it is Cloak Dead Space: Buy MY

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Over the weekend footage of Sony’s big multiplayer game from Guerilla Games appeared online giving us our first look at

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I played some Shock Troopers and a bunch of other Neo Geo games. Spinmaster is also really amazing! Follow Mike

Xbox Finally Figured It Out

This past week Microsoft held a Developer Direct for Xbox. The presentation had an interesting reception online showing …