Playing some ZX Spectrum games!

In this video I tried out a small batch of ZX Spectrum games using the MiSTeR! I grew up with a C64. So this is my first time being able to sit down and experience a handful of games for this computer.

If there are any really good ZX Spectrum games out there I should play let me know in the comments. I did look up a list of popular ZX Spectrum games before this to try but I could not get a lot of the games to start. Or some would crash after the title screen. I tried a game called “Atic Atac” for example, where the title screen would come up but then it would just crash.. I also really wanted to try the Spectrum R-Type, and the title screen WOULD come up… but then it would just stall.
Also, I’m not entirely sure how to get some of these games to go to “Side-B” when using the MiSTeR so if anyone knows more about setting that up let me know.

00:00 intro
01:02 Ooze
06:30 Doom
13:38 Thundercats
19:14 Super Mario bros
26:16 Contra / Gryzor
28:48 Kung Fu
34:54 Salamander
39:17 Robocop
44:40 Alien Neoplasm
56:33 Flying Shark
01:00:19 Manic Miner
01:02:04 Rastan
01:06:34 Ninja Gaiden Shadow Warriors
01:10:01 Ghouls n Ghosts
01:15:42 Cookie

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