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Playthrough of a Legend of Zelda NES Hack – Whistle of Steam. I wish the dungeon maps were a different arrangement in this hack. But there are some good things about it. I like that the enemy and boss sprites are all redone. I like that the item sprites are re-done, even if they are a bit weird. The difficulty was okay, but I sort of wish it was slightly more difficult. I like that they made items like the meat and shield something you can find instead of having to buy. I don’t really understand what the story is about or who I was playing as. At the end of the hack it says that the character is Link, but it doesn’t look like link at all. And I didn’t get the whole “whistle of steam” thing. Other than the Dodongos being trains I guess? Overall, more positives than negatives here.

What I would have done to make this better would be try and make the “whistle of steam” story make a bit more sense somehow. Clarify who we are playing as. Maybe bump up the enemy difficulty a bit. Make the dungeon maps different layouts instead of the same layout from Zelda 1. That said, onc you are in the dungeons, they are at least rearranged somewhat and the enemies are all in different places. What I mean is the floor maps are the same, and I would have changed that. Also I never understood what was going on with the little chime that happens near level 8. Was that supposed to be like going through the lost woods but they couldn’t get rid of the noise? It made it confusing.

I’m just happy I was able to play this game all the way through. A bunch of the Zelda 1 hacks I have tried lately have been getting bugged in different ways. I’m happy I was able to complete this one without anything breaking the game.

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