Kinect for Xbox 360 – Scott The Woz

Scott’s a controller.


Music Used:
“Peach’s Birthday Cake” from Mario Party
“Main Theme” from Wii Play Motion
“Main Theme” from Kinect Adventures
“Select Game” from Wii Sports Resort
“Select Game” from Kinect Sports Season Two
“Victory March” from Kinect Adventures
“Training Menu” from Wii Fit Plus
“Main Theme” from Pilotwings Resort
“Bowling” from Wii Sports
“Toad’s Turnpike” from Mario Kart 8
“Walking the Dog” from Nintendogs
“Get Ready for the Big Event” from Sonic Free Riders
“Desert Journey” from Super Star Wars
“Food Mart” from Tomodachi Life
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes

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