PS4 Pro Case Mod – Fan Noise Overheating Fix?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about a PS4 Pro case mod where you drill a hole in the

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Activision Blizzard SUED for Sexual Discrimination & Harassment

The state of California has brought a massive lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for sexual discrimination and harassment. ➡Support us and

The Last Gamer Criticizes Happy Console Gamer

Cited video: Happy Console Gamer’s Switch Unboxing from 2017: …

The Green Knight (Movie Review) – Reviews on the Run – Electric Playground

PlayForever #TheGreenKnight #DevPatel Victor Lucas reviews what is inarguably one of the most beautiful movies of 2021, The Green Knight!

No Hollywood for HEROES | He-MANipulation | Netflix is LOSING | Ghostbusters OPTIMISUM

Welcome to the show. Today we will discuss Hollywood’s Hero problem. Been a bad week for the two Kevins. Netflix

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In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows you how to get Minecraft Windows 10 edition for free. THIS IS NOT

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Tony with Crystal and Erin review Josie and The Pussycats! In this Podcast/Movie Review of this underrated comic/cartoon adaptation they

Retro Game magazine stream – Electronics Gaming Monthly – Mike Matei Live

Looking through some Electronics Gaming Monthly magazines Have a game you’d like to see me stream? Leave a comment below!

Reviewing YouTuber House Tours

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