Donkey Kong Junior NES Review – The No Swear Gamer Ep 209

Today’s episode covers Donkey Kong Jr for the Nintendo Entertainment System (Also known as the Famicom in other areas of

EARTHBOUND 20th ANNIVERSARY – Happy Console Gamer

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God of War (2018) Spoiler-Free Review! – Electric Playground

We’ve been waiting years for Kratos to debut on the PS4, and now he’s finally back with the all-new God

The Real BBC w/Nerdrotic and MAULER!! Richard Donner, Loki, Marvel, Black Widow and LOTR!!

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Everything You Need to Know About the PIGLIN in Minecraft! (Guide)

I show off all the features of the hoglin as of Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w07a! MERCH:

Elmo stops by to talk about his money situation – Erin Plays Extras

The other day I did a just chatting stream (which I’ll be uploading here soon!) and Elmo decided to swing

The SNES Control Deck (Model SNS – 101) Erin Plays

I want to talk about the often forgotten SNES Control Deck! This thing goes by A LOT of names, and

Ice Climber (NES) Erin Plays

I wasn’t going to do a Holiday themed video, but here we are! Let’s check out Ice Climber on NES!

We need to talk about that Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announcement… | MVG

After months/years of rumors and speculation Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo Switch OLED Model that releases in October of 2021.

I Hate Optical Illusions..

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