Lets Play – Narita Boy (Part 1)

We just finished the Techno Sword build! Ive been dying to get into this game! Lets play some Narita Boy!

Narita Boy is a 2D platformer with Metroidvania elements, as the player explores the Digital Kingdom using their abilities to travel across the level. In each level the player must find “Techno-Keys” which allow the player to access new areas.

There are also various story segments throughout the game, where the player relieves the Creator’s memories and learns about why he created the Digital Kingdom.

A combat encounter in the game
Combat revolves around using the game’s Techno Sword in order to defeat enemies, called Stallions. The player can do a standard melee attack by pressing a button, or hold it down in order to do a stronger attack. In combat, the player can also dodge, which avoids enemy attacks, and allows the player to get behind enemies. Alongside these moves, the Techno Sword can be used as a shotgun as a high-damage attack.

Throughout Narita Boy, the player gains access to various abilities such as the Wild Fire attacks. They come in three different colors, which allows the player to do increased damage to enemies of the same color, but also decreases the player’s resistance to attacks. Each Wild Fire ability also allows the player to summon one of three NPC companions to fight by the player’s side in combat.

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