The Game Chasers – CLUSTERLUCK!

In this special role reversal episode, Melvor and Dodongo take the center stage as Billy films them looking for retro gaming gold at the flea market. Somehow they come across a mega score, but will Melvor’s epic blunder ruin it all?

This episode was on the season 3 DVD set from 5 years ago. The idea was always to keep it exclusive to that for a few years then release it on youtube. I’d say 5 years is longer than what was intended. It’s been re-edited and cleaned up for the Blu-Ray release. I fixed some color and audio issues and updated other things. The youtube version of this is around 25 minutes long. However, the Patreon/Member version is the full 50-minute version.. The full 50-minute version will also be the version on the Blu-Ray. Think of this as a taste. The full version is almost twice the length with a ton more Dodongo drunk complaining and other nonsense.

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Intro and outro theme:

The Game Chasers are 2 friends hunting for retro video game in flea markets, garage sales, game stores and people’s homes! And they are a bunch chodes

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