Top Amazing Games for Chess Lovers

Top Amazing Games for Chess Lovers

By Jamie Roy

Playing games is becoming an increasingly popular trend. During these days of lockdown due to a life-threatening virus called coronavirus, we all may find ourselves in a horrible, terrible, and stressful mood sometime. To improve our mood, many of us often play indoor games, especially on our mobile phones – Games like Ludo, PUBG, Valheim, Hitman 3 and Chess.

Chess is one of the most played games. It isn’t confined to your age group. Every kid, young teenager, and older adult used to play this exciting game. Unlike other games, chess doesn’t waste your time, and you don’t even learn a single tip from that game. It’s something different. It requires hard work, planning, patience, confidence, and fighting spirit. Following is a list of benefits that this exciting game provides.

Some benefits of Chess are:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Improves your memory
  • Extends your creativity
  • Enhances your focusing power
  • The incredible increase in your patience
  • Make you more intelligent
  • Make you hardworking
  • Boost your confidence level

Chess also decreases your loneliness because, in fact, even when playing alone, you can play with other friends by inviting them and sharing links.

“Several websites offer you chess courses online, and after a short struggle and focus you will be able to play Chess.”

After reading all these benefits and you are convinced and are thinking of playing Chess, but sadly you don’t know how to play, don’t worry! Several websites offer you chess courses online, and after a short struggle and focus you will be able to play Chess. Now you may be asking about which chess game is best for playing. Don’t panic. Check out the collection of chess games below.


Chess Free

If you are looking forward to a chess game on your Android and iPhone there certainly wouldn’t be a brilliant game except for Chess free. It’s a free game, as its name indicates. It is available in both online and offline modes. You can choose to play it in both white and black mode. Playing alone is better than playing with friends, although you can also play this game with your friends and family. It can help make you a master of Chess, as it polishes your skills through different puzzles and challenging levels.


Droid Fish

For Android phones, Droid Fish

This is the best, lightweight and straightforward patterned game. It is mainly for the new players and guides them properly on how to play. It offers you several themes which attract you during the game.

Chess for Kids

_Chess for kids is an app of the Apple Store. Due to social media and many other activities, kids today are not interested in chess games. So this game mesmerizes them through different colourful graphics and cartoon characters.


Chess-play & learn
Chess-play & learn

This free app is available on google play and Apple Store. It provides competition for people from the entire world. Furthermore, it offers you competition and guides you through the best coaches, tutors, and trainers, who can make you a master of Chess in just a few days. It also has an offline which you can play without an internet connection.


_Chess is the most straightforward game which offers you a vast collection of themes, based on increasingly difficult levels. It also is accompanied by melodious musical sounds.

Play Magnus

For iPhone, Play Magnus is a brilliant game. People with extraordinary Chess skills can play it live. You can test your skills quickly by selecting the level of difficulty according to your skills.


_Real Chess 3D is the one game that keeps your battery level in view. You can play it in a 2D mood when you are running out of battery power.

_Chess Pro with Coach undoubtedly is a delightful game that helps you learn by giving guidelines. This fantastic game offers you several visual themes, board designs, and chess sets.


Chess Tactic Pro

_Chess tactic pro is a bit different than other chess games. It challenges your skills through many puzzles and makes you an expert player. It lets you learn some different tactics for playing Chess.

Shredder Chess

If you are seeking the best chess game on Apple Store, Shredder Chess is the best option, in my opinion. You can play this game alone with a computer. It also guides and helps you through offline tips to play efficiently.

Various chess games are available on Android and iphone, but these games described above likely have no match. Play and make yourself more expert. Playing Chess on a mobile phone is also fruitful because you can play it anywhere, anytime with anyone in the entire world. Try to play it in your leisure time because everything in your life should be scheduled. Please don’t play it too much as an excess of anything can be poisonous. This is a tip to play it in your free time and for a limited period. Have fun and enjoy.

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