Video Games Oasis Playful Podcast 13: EPISODE 13 – Text-Adventure Tuesday! – “VOGON POETRY – 1/25/2021

(VOGON Poetry)

Bleem miserable venchit! Bleem forever mestinglish asunder frapt.

Gashee morphousite, thou expungiest quoopisk!

Fripping lyshus wimbgunts, awhilst moongrovenly kormzibs.

Gerond withoutitude form into formless bloit, why not then? Moose.

What nonsense am I blathering about?

Why, it’s VOGON POETRY, recited by Jeltz, The Ship Captain of the Vogon constructor fleet.

The VOGONS have recently demolished the EARTH to make way for a hyperspace bypass.(in this story!)

YOU are Arthur Dent. Dent is rescued from Earth’s destruction by Ford Prefect

—a human-like alien writer for the eccentric, electronic travel guide The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—

by hitchhiking onto a passing Vogon spacecraft. These two hitch-hikers eventually end up being forced

to hear The Vogon Captain Jeltz recite EXCRUCIATING poetry. This and many more delightful misadventures,


in EPISODE 13 of Video Gamers Oasis Playful Podcast!

So, pour a steaming cup of hot tea, stick a Babel Fish in your RIGHT ear and LISTEN UP! The Text Adventure Continues

in a few moments…

Windows Frotz:

Video Gamers Oasis Playful Podcast

By Jeremy Moauro

Discussions on My Favorite Games, Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Comic books, Collectables and other Fun Content for Gamers and Geeks.

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