Video Games Oasis Playful Podcast 1: EPISODE 01 – PILOT – (Introduction)

Video Gamers Oasis Playful Podcast

with Jeremy

EPISODE 1 – PILOT (Introduction)


Special Thanks go to online friend:

Psychic Medium Misty

for introducing me to

I met her online, through a community of

Creative YouTubers,

on Kelley Rosano’s Power Players

Facebook Group.

Thanks to Kelley Rosano

for teaching me an Introductory

Course of YouTube for Business, and giving me

very practical career advice.

As well as a large Network of Wise, Experienced and Steadfast

family, friends and business innovators who have been constantly

there for me, teaching me to plan better, refine myself and refine

my Manifestation abilities.

Thanks so much for directly or indirectly encouraging and

helping me folks, during my difficult and painful

ego-reduction and positive transformation.

Thank You!

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🎧 Friday Night Gaming 1 HOUR MIX #1

FREE USE No Copyright Synthwave New Retro Outrun EDM

YouTube Channel: DGtv – Daemon Gaming TV

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YouTube Channel: Rawr Designs

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